About Us
What is the ENBALA Power Network?

A Modern Approach to Electricity Management

ENBALA offers both grid-scale and distribution-scale solutions to utilities and electricity system operators to increase the grid’s efficiency and reliability, while dependably integrating renewables and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Engaging demand-side storage to improve the electricity grid.

Rather than adjusting traditional generation to match the minute-by-minute changes in electricity demand, ENBALA’s GOFlex™ platform continuously connects a network of commercial and industrial organizations to participate in demand-side management programs to support the continuous balance of supply and demand. By capturing and aggregating the inherent flexibility in when process loads use power, ENBALA delivers valuable flexibility to electric system operators and utilities.

ENBALA is a proven leader in the industry, modernizing the electric power system through the flexibility that process storage offers. Commercial, industrial and institutional energy users can contribute to - and benefit from - a reliable and efficient electric power system.