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ENBALA Supply/Demand Optimization, Optimizing Generation Using Demand-Side Loads

ENBALA’s intelligent platform provides utilities with the capability to manage a network of demand-side loads and slightly adjust their power in real-time, as required by demand on the power system. ENBALA’s Supply/Demand Optimization application provides utilities with an alternate way to manage generator efficiency/ramp. As a result, this application enables generators to operate closer to their maximum efficiency, reducing operating costs.

ENBALA Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report: Examination of the Potential for Industrial Loads to Provide Ancillary Services

Valuable process storage that already exists within demand-side loads can be captured and aggregated to deliver flexibility to the power system. Through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory research project funded by the Department of Energy, ENBALA has quantified the potential for commercial and industrial loads to provide this flexibility, improving power system efficiency and reliability.

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ENBALA Managing a Smarter Grid using Demand-Side Storage

Grid-scale energy storage technologies have an important role in the future of the power system. The storage that must be taken advantage of is already in the power system on the load side – it simply needs to be connected to and managed.

ENBALA 2012 Global Cleantech 100 Report

This report celebrates the best in innovation and is the industry standard on gauging where cleantech innovation is headed next," said Sheeraz Haji, Cleantech Group CEO.

ENBALA Creating New Revenue with Existing Processes: Evaluating Grid Balance® with Demand-Side Loads at Wastewater Treatment Plants Using Dynamic Modelling

Models of wastewater treatment processes demonstrate that Grid Balance does not affect operations and maintains fully treated wastewater for discharge.

ENBALA Smart Grid - The Future of the Electric Power System

The innovative solution of building up the Smart Grid and enabling industrial loads to help balance the grid is growing in popularity around the world. Learn more about the Smart Grid and its future.

ENBALA Modernizing Ontario's Electricity System

Next Steps - Second report of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum - May 2011

ENBALA Demand-Side Regulation - Decrease Greenhouse Gases

In a study conducted by BLOOM, demand-side regulation through ENBALA was found to decrease greenhouse gases by 5,500 tonnes per MW of Grid Balance provided each year.

ENBALA Introduction to ENBALA Power: Smart buildings making a Smarter Grid

Meet the Canadian company that delivers Smart Building solutions for large commercial buildings.

ENBALA Fuel Strategy for Our Energy-Hungry Planet

Energy is sold in many different units. This is the cause of confusion, as there is no easy means of comparing costs of energy use for various fuels. A detailed examination shows some surprising results - and opportunities to reduce costs - and GHG emissions.

ENBALA Just How Clean Is Your Electricity?

There is a common view that any additional electricity that is purchased from a utility comes from a marginal source that is claimed to be either coal or gas fired. This may - or may not be correct.

ENBALA Improving the Efficiency of the Electricity System

ENBALA's sophisticated platform aggregates the flexibility available in multiple disparate loads in the network to provide high quality, robust, reliable and resilient Ancillary Services (such as Regulation Service) to Independent System Operators ("ISOs").