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Plug Into New Revenue

ENBALA pays large-scale electricity users to participate in new energy programs that are both profitable and environmentally friendly.

Commercial, industrial and institutional large-scale electricity users can capitalize on their real-time flexibility in when they use power. ENBALA identifies your business’ available process storage and operational requirements, then leverages them to deliver unique benefits to the power system. This empowers commercial and industrial electricity customers to tap into a new revenue stream that can offset electricity costs and reduce greenhouse gases without impacting operations.

The Grid Balance® program is:

  • A new revenue stream for your company
  • Endorsed by electricity system operators
  • Complementary to demand response and curtailment.
  • Cost-free and easy to implement

Discover your organization's potential
Many industries have flexibility when it comes to their electric demand. By identifying and capturing the inherent process storage of their assets, ENBALA offers commercial and industrial organizations a new revenue stream.

Numerous industries can participate, including automotive, cement manufacturing, pulp and paper, printers, data centers, petrochemical, district cooling, process cooling, and more. Explore the following examples to see how Grid Balance® can generate revenue for your organization.