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Grid Balance®: Get Paid to Use Power

Commercial, industrial and institutional organizations are tapping into new revenue by participating in new energy programs offered by electricity system operators and facilitated by ENBALA.

The Grid Balance® program aggregates a network of large-scale electricity users, and harnesses the flexibility in when they use power to improve the power system's efficiency and reliability.

Benefits to Large-Scale
Electricity Users:

  • Earn new revenue
  • No-cost installation
  • Easy to get started
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Complement demand response & curtailment

Learn how leading organizations are participating in Grid Balance®.

The Challenge

To ensure that organizations have a reliable supply of electricity, grid operators must maintain a continuous balance between market demand and generation supply. This is known as Grid Balance®.

Intermittent renewable generation (such as wind and solar) adds an element of unpredictability to supplying electricity. Yet ramping up generation, transmission and distribution is costly, inefficient and damaging to the environment. Rather than expand the electric power system, it is time to apply innovative solutions to its management.

The Solution

ENBALA's intelligent, robust and resilient technology identifies and captures large electricity users’ flexible process storage to respond to the real-time needs of the power system. Organizations are paid for participation based on their inherent process storage and flexibility to respond.

Commercial, industrial and institutional facilities connect to ENBALA’s GOFlex platform through a locally installed Communications Panel via their existing automation platform. This enables ENBALA to recognize the real-time health and status of each network participant, and deliver an aggregated response to the electricity system operator.

Ultimately, ENBALA's innovative approach to electricity management increases efficiency, reduces energy costs, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart solutions for an even smarter grid.

The Right Fit

Connect on Your Terms
Participation is based entirely on your facility’s flexible process storage. Define your equipment's availability, and ENBALA’s technology will determine, in real-time, when it is best for your facility to participate.

Already involved in Demand Response or Curtailment?
ENBALA's platform gives you the option to supplement other curtailment programs. Your level of participation is self-defined, and your facility gets paid for taking part.