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From Managing the Grid to Maximizing It

In today's modern landscape, new approaches must be taken by electricity operators to ensure that the electric power system operates reliably, efficiently and sustainably.

With the changing nature of supply, ISOs and RTOs are looking beyond traditional methods of grid management through new technologies.

By engaging demand-side loads – and capturing and aggregating their inherent process storage – ENBALA offers numerous demand-side, grid optimization services to help balance the power system.

Demand-side Grid Optimization Services
Power the Grid with Demand-Side Storage
ENBALA’s GOFlex™ platform continuously connects and engages a network of process loads operated by commercial and industrial facilities, supporting a reliable and sustainable grid.

Secure and private, ENBALA’s sophisticated technology monitors the real-time health, status and flexibility of large-scale electricity users’ process loads to respond to the needs of the power system. By capturing and aggregating the process storage inherent in commercial and industrial loads, ENBALA delivers real-time, demand-side flexibility to electricity operators.

ENBALA delivers robust, reliable and resilient grid balance and optimization services to both electricity system operators and large-scale electricity users.

ENBALA in Action
ENBALA’s innovative and proven technology has been active in the PJM market since 2011, after leading significant rule changes to enable loads to participate in Grid Balance®.

The IESO contracted ENBALA for the company’s know-how and patent-pending technology to participate in Frequency Regulation. ENBALA will utilize an aggregated network of commercial and industrial process loads, providing an alternative technology to complement traditional generation sources.

Load can be a terrific performer - we've seen this in the operating reserve market.

Kim Warren, COO of the IESO
(Smart Grid Summit, Toronto, ON June 12, 2012.)

We've long seen the value of demand-side resources in our markets, so expanding the opportunities for demand response to participate in the regulation service market makes sense and offers new qualities such as fast response... Above all, demand-side resources offer another means of cost-effectively enhancing overall grid reliability.

Andrew L. Ott, PJM
Sr. Vice President - Markets

We need to move beyond traditional forms of generation to meet our long-term needs for regulation services. We need to start to learn how these smart technologies work and how they can be incorporated into system operations.

Kim Warren, COO of the IESO
(Smart Grid Summit, Toronto, ON June 12, 2012.)