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Intelligently Balancing Supply with Demand through Continuously Connected Customers

Utilities can now take advantage of innovative tools that offer a different approach to support the transforming electricity industry. ENBALA helps utilities to further engage and connect the demand side to actively participate in modernizing the grid — improving system efficiency, deferring capital costs, enhancing customer engagement and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

ENBALA’s GOFlex™ platform continuously connects a network of commercial and industrial customers to deliver flexibility to the power system by leveraging the process storage inherent in their existing assets. Through an Oak Ridge National Laboratory research project funded by the Department of Energy, ENBALA has confirmed that demand-side loads in the United States have an excess of 26 GW of process flexibility available to support a reliable and efficient power system.

The platform offers both grid-scale and distribution-scale solutions that optimize power system management:

To learn more about available grid-scale and distribution-scale solutions, download ENBALA Utility Solutions – An Introduction or email ENBALA directly.

For more information on the ORNL report subcontracted by the Department of Energy, and to learn more about the inherent flexibility available in loads, click here.