About Enbala


Enbala has a single, defining passion — to make the world’s power grids more sustainable by harnessing the power of distributed energy. We are doing this with our real-time energy balancing and distributed control system – a transformative platform that is fundamentally changing the power industry.

If you are a utility, grid operator or energy service provider, the Symphony by Enbala platform addresses two of your biggest challenges: reliability and customer relationship building.

This is because the Enbala platform provides the distributed energy resources needed to keep the grid balanced, renewable friendly and fully optimized – while also creating dispatchable load that can be bid into energy markets.

How? The Enbala platform captures, aggregates, optimizes and continuously controls a broad portfolio of distributed energy resources that function as one consolidated resource.

This aggregated load is dynamically optimized by the platform to respond to the real-time needs of the grid, while also creating new opportunities to bid behind-the-meter loads aggregated from customer sites into today’s energy markets – all with no disruption of customer operations. C&I customers gain an added source of revenue at no cost to them. That’s a business proposition that’s tough to ignore!

The applications are many. Whether your need is renewable firming, ancillary services, frequency regulation, contingency reserve, peak demand management, fast demand response, voltage management, or customer engagement, Enbala can help.

Leverage the untapped power that already exists within your business ecosystem. With Symphony by Enbala.

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