The great thing about ENBALA is, with the system turned on and lowering our net cost of energy, we don’t even know it is there. It is invisible to our operations. Read more.
Dan J. Hufton, P.E, Senior Director, Production, Pennsylvania, American Water


For Energy Consumers


Smarter Buildings Make a Smarter Grid. Discover the untapped energy (and revenue) within your organization.

Enbala works with energy providers to keep our power grids in a constant state of reliable balance by leveraging the untapped power in organizations like yours – flexible power loads inherent in many of your electrical devices. Plus, our smart building control systems for commercial, residential and industrial buildings have been helping building owners since 2003 to achieve benefits like energy cost savings of 10-30% and greenhouse gas emission reductions of 20-50%. We do this without impacting
your operations – or your comfort.


What can harnessing the power of distributed energy resources do for you?


Lower your energy costs.

Gain a new source of revenue.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Improve energy efficiency and demand response results.


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