We’ve long seen the value of demand-side resources in our markets, so expanding the opportunities for demand response to participate in the regulation service market makes sense and offers new qualities such as fast response. Read more.
Andrew L. Ott, PJM Senior Vice President – Markets


For Grid Operators


For you, balance is everything. Keep the grid in balance with the distributed operating system for distributed energy resources.

Whether you’re looking for ways to meet increased demand, cope with renewable intermittency challenges or address frequency regulation requirements, the Enbala platform provides the rapid response you need to help ensure reliable, consistent and efficient power delivery.

Find out what harnessing the power of untapped distributed energy can do for you.


Respond quickly to frequency deviations to adjust load up and down in pace with the dynamic needs of the grid.

Customers benefit from a new source of revenue that doesn’t impact their operations or their comfort.

Your O&M costs decrease.

The grid stays in balance by using demand-side storage that already exists in customer processes.

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