PowerShift Atlantic and our work with Enbala is demonstrating the real potential of load following generation as a strategic advantage for NB Power and our customers. Read more.
Gaëtan Thomas, president and CEO, NB Power


For Utilities


Integrate distributed and renewable generation into your energy mix – without stressing your system planning and operations.



Find out how Enbala’s distributed operating system for distributed energy resources can help you harness the power untapped process loads, solar, storage and whatever tomorrow may bring.

Defer or eliminate capital spending for new power generation and reduce your operating costs.

Reduce generator operations for ancillary services, spinning reserves and system capacity obligations.

Meet grid reliability and efficiency standards by removing renewable intermittency issues.

Build rock-solid customer relationships by offering them a win-win business proposition. They make money; you save money.

Achieve your greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Improve operational efficiencies by improving the resiliency of the grid.

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