A murmuration of starlings is a marvelous thing – a swirling, pulsating, perfectly synchronized cloud of hundreds – or thousands – of individual entities flying together in a whirling, ever-changing pattern – never colliding, always connected, with no leader and no hierarchy. In the world of distributed energy resources, the Enbala platform functions in much the same way. Read more.

The Technology Platform


The Symphony by Enbala platform provides real-time control and optimization of a wide variety of distributed energy resources (DERs)– from load to storage and generation.

Sitting between a utility’s grid management system and DERs, the Enbala platform enables utilities, grid operators and energy services companies to successfully navigate business opportunities and challenges inherent in a more distributed power grid.

The platform can integrate and optimize a wide variety of flexible DERs such as energy storage, demand response, smart inverters, distributed generation and electric vehicle chargers into real-time operations.

Its highly scalable design accommodates any device or system that consumes, produces or stores energy and treats each resource as a flexible energy asset that can be optimized, aggregated and used for continuous services to the electric grid.

Some of the most ideal applications include:


Regulation Service

With Enbala’s Regulation Service application, utilities and system operators have a cost effective way to use distributed energy resources to provide regulation – without relying on additional traditional generation. The Enbala platform connects, aggregates and optimizes a network of DERs that, together, can respond to the moment-to-moment electricity needs of the grid.

Contingency Reserve Service

Enbala’s Contingency Reserve Service application enables grid operators to call upon distributed energy resources such as customer loads, storage devices and smart inverters to quickly deliver capacity to the grid during emergency events or times of instability — typically within 10 minutes of notification.

Voltage Management

The Voltage Management application manages the electrical distribution system through monitoring, optimization and control of reactive power. Enbala has been actively developing features to support smart inverter communication and control to manage voltage on the distribution system. This distributed control system is designed hierarchically from the bottom up with a network of local controllers located at nodes along feeders that connected to a utility substation that houses a central coordinating node. Using real-time control and optimization of DERs at these nodes, the Enbala platform enables a dramatic increase in the penetration of intermittent DERs without negatively impacting the power quality for neighboring customers. This minimizes the impacts of intermittency on the utility, eliminates voltage violations, reduces tap changer operations, and reduces distribution line loss.

Peak Demand Management

The Peak Demand Management application utilizes Enbala’s real-time control platform to provide cost savings to the end consumer by managing peak demand for commercial and industrial customers. Enbala’s local optimization algorithms monitor and forecast consumption at the site as well as the process flexibility of controlled equipment. Enbala’s local site controller utilizes these forecasts to intelligently and automatically reduce consumption during peak periods. With the rapid growth in the energy storage market Enbala’s new Peak Demand Management release provides support for onsite/behind the meter storage devices. New optimization algorithms have been developed that coordinate load control, energy storage and solar output to maximize the benefit for end-use customers. This intelligence has been paired with Enbala’s global optimization algorithms for grid services in a hierarchical architecture so customers can stack value streams from local and market opportunities.

Fast Demand Response

Enbala’s Fast Demand Response (DR) application combines advanced information, controls and communication technology with a detailed knowledge of how loads operate to deliver a local or system capacity offering that can be called on frequently with automated activation. Fast DR is the next generation of DR. It is permission-based, which means customers specify a range of environmental and process parameters that should be maintained at acceptable levels (for either occupant comfort or production efficiency) during DR events. This opens the door to wider participation from a utility’s customer base and significantly reduces the risks of load and customer fatigue.

Renewable Firming

Enbala’s Renewable Firming application provides a real-time, dynamic response solution that controls distributed energy resources to firm up renewable generation output. This application enables utilities to integrate more renewable energy resources and deliver the same reliability achieved today with traditional generation.

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