The Team


Troy Anatra
The Creative Problem Solver
(Aka Vice President, Strategic Accounts)

Troy has a quest for novelty and a passion for finding creative solutions to complex challenges. To him, the world of distributed energy fits the bill completely. It’s new, exciting and moving at a fast pace that keeps Troy motivated, fulfilled and looking forward to the future. When he’s not helping customers find innovative ways to balance energy, he’s energized by maintaining a delicate balance between heroic princes and evil villains – in a magical kingdom inhabited a young princess who calls him daddy.

Woon Tiong Ang
Creative Genius

Enbala’s Woon Tiong Ang embraces a philosophy of, “Enhny life; you only live once.” This permeates everything he does and has resulted in a joie de vivre characterized by vision, imagination, innovation, enthusiasm and entrepreneurism. Prior to joining Enbala, Woon Tiong had the passion to conceptualize and found several start-ups with one thing in common: they were all focused on making life better. That’s what attracted him to Enbala – the opportunity to use his creativity and ingenuity to build something that can make the world a better and more sustainable place to live. When he’s not building newer, better software, you might find him building robots, mechanical gadgets and other things that transform what’s in his prolific imagination into reality.

Daniel Ariza
(Aka Senior UI/UX Designer)

Creative to his core, Daniel is passionate about good design and delivering clean, powerful and intuitive user interfaces. Since beginning his design career 15 years ago, he’s worked with a veritable who’s who of brands, musicians, record labels and corporations and racked up an impressive list of awards. In the tech world, he’s also amassed a growing fan club of happy, highly productive men and women whose user experiences have been transformed. At Enbala, Daniel is building upon this track record, while also fulfilling a goal to work on products that are shaping a better future for everyone. When not pursuing his passion for design, Daniel recharges by surfing, snowboarding and spending time with his family through travel and spontaneous adventures.

Greg Baraghimian
Traveling Man
(Aka Senior Software Engineer)

Greg came to Enbala’s Denver office via Southern California, New Orleans, New York, Boston and Berlin. Needless to say, he’s not one to let any grass grow under his feet. He’s a software engineer extraordinaire whose skill set has been called upon to solve programming challenges on projects of all sizes around the world. In addition to doing what he loves, Greg is also passionate about teaching about programming. Lately he’s excited about the work he’s doing on the Enbala platform using the Elixir programming language, which he views as the best of the best. What does Greg do when he’s not doing or teaching programming? Well, you might find him whipping up a batch of dill pickles, beef jerky or a gourmet meal. Or, if it’s a warm Colorado weekend, he’ll likely be riding his motorcycle through the Colorado high country.

Tiziano Bollati
The Builder
(Aka Senior Project Manager)

Tiziano moved beyond the nuts and bolts of his civil engineering education years ago, but in his heart, he’ll always be a builder. He started his career designing and managing the construction of telecommunication stations, power lines and power stations, but switched over to solar PV in 2008. Now, working as a project manager, he finds relationship building as vital to any project as the bricks and mortar of a physical structure or the architecture of sophisticated code. “In any project, you interact with engineers, consultants, customers, the community. For me, it’s working when, at the end of the project, everyone is happy, having achieved their own objective within the same common interest,” he says. In his leisure time, Tiziano continues building, shaping the next generation as a dad who is highly involved with his kids’ lives. He spends most of his free hours enjoying outings with his wife and two children, visiting the lakes and mountains nearby Varese.

David Bopp
The Cheering Synergist
(Aka Manager of Corporate and Production IT)

More than 15 years ago, Linux gave David a wink, and IT captured his imagination.  Self-described as a people-oriented tech guy, David is all about bringing things together so that they work in seamless synergy. Sometimes he’s bringing together operating systems, firewalls and complex networks. Other times, it’s teams of people that he is coaching into perfect synchronicity – moved perhaps by a hidden desire to recapture his basketball glory days of yesteryear. When not working, David shares his respect for teamwork with his two kids, who spend a lot of time joyfully “cheering like crazy.

Trent Bowers
The Southern Gent
(Aka Chief Commercial Officer and EVP of Sales)

The only Southerner on the team, Trent Bowers was raised to believe that when you borrow something, you give it back in better shape than you received it, so he’s committed to leaving our planet environmentally stronger than it was when he was born to walk it. In proof, Trent’s roles with of the world’s leading technology companies have long been focused on the ecofriendly side of the utilities industry. He has worked on grid management and demand response software solutions at Landis+Gyr, on smart grid strategy at IBM, on advanced metering communication platforms at Trilliant, and in the Utility Practice at Alcatel-Lucent. Of course, every step has been steeped in Southern civility, filled with “Yes, ma’ms” and “No, sirs,” plus trout fishing, ribs on the smoker, sweet tea, and SEC Football … (Go Dawgs!) … and the even sweeter idea that his work will help leave a greener planet for his son and future generations.

Duncan Brown
Solutions Explorer
(Aka Solutions Architect)

Duncan came to Vancouver five years ago for summer vacation and never left. He fell in love with the opportunities to explore – well – everything! He hikes, bikes, climbs, and camps, determined to discover every square inch of British Columbia. And he’s equally empassioned about exploring every aspect of the world’s energy future. His background of electrical, bio-fuel and hydrogen infrastructure development is serving Enbala’s customers well across many aspects of the company’s operations.

Raj Singh Dhawal
The Trader
(Aka Network Operator)

Tech guy with a business brain … or, wait? Is it the other way around? With an MBA and a Master’s in data mining, Raj is comfortable in both worlds – science and industry – which makes him the perfect guy to be managing Enbala’s participation in ancillary services markets. He’s done this for a while, too. Raj spent two years as an executive trader in the New Delhi-based Indian Energy Exchange as well as another two years performing generation and load planning and bidding on power exchanges for a multi-national firm serving the energy sector. His market expertise helps ensure that Enbala and its clients make the most of their market participation.

Andy Gassner
Renaissance Man
(Aka Product Manager)

Andy is a rocket scientist with a relentless quest to harness the power of the wind. With a background in Physics and Astro-Physics, Andy helped create the world’s largest Neutirno telescope in Antarctica. But recently, his passion has shifted from star-gazing to building a more sustainable energy future – something he wants to share with his brand new son. A status-quo questioner, renowned kite-boarder, hard-core mountain biker, avid skier and Swahili speaker, Andy brings new definition to the term Renaissance man.

Eric Hoevenaars
Simplicity Seeker
(Aka Systems Analyst)

Eric appreciates the simple things in life: good food, good friends and an efficiently run power system. He has spent the past five years optimizing distributed energy systems in both industry and academia. When not contemplating load factors and TMYs, Eric is a youth mentor, an amateur home-brewer, a board-game designer, and he has a twisted love for baseball stats.

Graham Horn
Smart Energy Evangelist
(Aka, VP, Business Development, Western North America)

Graham Horn has been a green energy guy for ages, and what attracted him to Enbala was the wisdom of using existing assets to help the electric grid absorb increasing levels of renewable generation. Before joining Enbala, Graham was executive VP and COO of Cloudworks Energy, a developer of hydroelectric facilities. This exec will do his best to hand off a more sustainable energy future for his three boys. When not spreading the word about Enbala, Graham spends time with the wife and kids, skis, rides bikes and, of course, plays ice hockey … like any good solid Canadian.

Gavin Hume
Planetary Activist
(Aka, VP, Operations)

Gavin was Enbala’s 2nd employee, and he’s enjoyed every minute of the next nine year. He’ll tell you that’s because he’s “always had interest in the interface between technology and business opportunities, and Enbala has created an innovative control platform that can be tied to multiple business models.” But his commitment to Enbala also reflects his commitment to the planet. A happily married father, Gavin spends many hours outdoors, showing his two sons what nature has to offer and will soon introduce them to his own alfresco loves: downhill and backcountry skiing, mountain biking, kite boarding, whitewater kayaking and rock climbing.

Ginger Juhl
Experience Officer
(Aka Head of Marketing)

If you know Ginger, you might describe her as “a little quirky”, slightly “touched” and “a bit to the left of center.” She secretly agrees with this assessment, but prefers to describe herself as the only predominantly right-brained member of the Enbala team. This is a good thing since she leads Enbala’s marketing efforts – and balances out the mostly left-brained, logic-driven Enbala community. Ginger, like most everyone at Enbala, is passionate about the outdoors and preserving its natural beauty. During her career she’s worked with many of the industry’s leading smart grid consultants, systems integrators and software/hardware developers and has been instrumental in helping them evolve from unknown companies to shining stars in the utility community. When she’s not putting together an event, tweeting or writing a press releases or blog, you’ll find her hiking, scuba diving somewhere in the Caribbean or biking along the Platte River near her home in Denver.

Liam Kelly
The Toymaker
(Aka Systems Engineer)

Have you ever met one of those endlessly tinkering types who is constantly surrounded by nuts, bolts and tiny tools … whose personal place of worship is a workshop … a soul who’d gladly greet Christmas morning with a bucket full of electronics components? If so, you’ll recognize Liam, the guy who built himself a 3D printer so he could make parts for that robot he’s creating just for fun. The end result is likely to become a toy for Liam’s niece … or a toy for Liam … depending on the results. Such tinkering draws on the know-how Liam acquired when earning his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a specialty in integrated energy systems. When he’s not engineering solutions for Enbala – or tinkering – he plays guitar, writes music and enjoys team sports, including hockey and soccer.

Adam Legg
The Gambler
(Aka Software Engineer)

Enbala’s resident table tennis champion, Adam Legg is a bit of a gamester and quite the adventurer. He’s a golfer, triathlete and soccer player, and he loves the competitive nature of sports. An interesting and little-known fact about Adam is that his pinpoint analytical and risk management skills enabled him to make a solid living as a professional gambler for six years before he turned his capabilities in quite a different direction. Now an intensive full stack web developer, Adam is applying his unique set of skills to helping Enbala build and perfect the Symphony energy balancing platform. Travel and exploring the world occupy his time when he’s not ping-ponging and helping to transform the earth’s energy future.

Mark Lowson
The Rock Jock
(Aka Senior Software Engineer)

If you glanced at Mark Lowson’s resume, you might notice an 18-month gap in employment a few years ago. He wasn’t down on his luck. He was lucky enough to be bouncing across Europe in a camper van, looking for rock-climbing adventure. Now settled in Vancouver, B.C., Mark still enjoys his high-elevation fun – rock and ice climbing, mountaineering and skiing — plus he’s drawing on past experiences writing algorithms for high-frequency trading systems and developing building control systems. With that background, Mark walked in Enbala’s door understanding much of what we do but, true to the exploring spirit that took him out of his native Australia, Mark also welcomes the learning he gains from solving new problems.

Jeff MacAulay
The Windcatcher
(Aka Chief Operating Officer)

To anyone who knows Jeff MacAulay, it would come as no surprise that he’s spent much of his career in leadership positions at a wind-power company. Weekends you’ll find him riding the wind in his sails or catching some wind on the slopes, as skiing and sailing are his passions. He fits these activities around his top priorities – a seven-year-old son and five-year-old daughter – and his work, which has always had an environmental thrust. After earning an electrical engineering degree at the University of Victoria, Jeff began his career designing embedded hardware solutions for hydrogen vehicle applications. He moved into wind power in 2009, when he joined Endurance Wind Power as an engineering manager and moved up the ranks to the role of COO. That’s the same role he fills at Enbala, where Jeff is responsible for Project Delivery and Operations.

Malcolm Metcalfe
The Visionary
(Aka Enbala founder and Chief Research Officer)

Malcolm Metcalfe says he started Enbala as something he could do part-time so he could spend the rest of the time skiing. Don’t believe it. For his engineering contributions, this ardent supporter of sustainability has been named in the Queen’s Birthday Honors List and was inducted as a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Today, along with leading Enbala innovation activity, Malcolm is both a Ph.D. candidate and teacher at The University of British Columbia. Student evaluations rank him among the top instructors in the engineering school, and one student’s comments explain why: “Prof knew his stuff. His stories were funny the first time (and sometimes the second time).”

Prashant More
Control Freak
(Aka Manager, Controls Engineering)

Prashant characterizes himself as a very good chess player, a great risk taker and a proud father of two. He has more than 15 years of experience with industrial automation software/hardware design, development, deployment and troubleshooting and a strong affinity toward learning new traits and building great teams. If you ask Prashant what he loves about coming to work, he’ll say it’s the chance to stay connected with industrial automation and work in a company culture that makes being at Enbala a privilege.

Mark Mosher
Mr. Natural
(Aka Grid Services Manager)

A native of Nova Scotia, Mark was drawn to the Pacific Coast in search of waves to surf and mountains to explore. This love of the outdoors gave him abiding respect for the environment and a passion for sustainability. Consistent with those values, he’s a vegetarian —because it’s more earth-friendly than being an omnivore — and his primary transportation mode is a bicycle. Along with his passion for environmentalism, Mark has extensive expertise in energy systems and design of renewable energy devices. He also is an adept engineer of instrumentation, controls and highly-scalable systems.

Mike Quinlan
Native Son
(Aka Senior Software Engineer)

Mike is a rarity in Denver, home of Enbala’s U.S. operations. He’s a Colorado native. He and his fellow natives can quickly spot one another in a crowd because they wear flip flops and shorts year-round, regardless of the weather, don’t think twice about a blizzard in May, and can often be found off-roading in a vehicle never intended for such purposes. He was born and raised in Colorado and has no plans to leave. In addition to a great and abiding love for his native state, Mike enjoys video gaming and everything about computer programming. He views programming as a constant challenge that pushes the bounds of his creativity and keeps him sharp. Like others on his team at Enbala, he’s excited about the evolutionary and game-changing work they’re doing using Phoenix and Elixir to deliver real-time distributed energy management solutions to producers and consumers of electricity around the world.

Mike Ratliff
Balancing Actor
(Aka CTO)

Balance: That’s Mike Ratliff’s deal. He can balance execs against techs because he speaks the language of the C-suite as fluently as he speaks his own native tongue, the complex language of software engineers. He’s spent nearly 10 years working on technology to balance the needs of the power system with demand-side resources. To balance the demands of his own busy workdays against the calls of his heart, he’s an avid cyclist who rides in mountain-bike competitions. And to balance his love of his home state, Colorado, against the wanderlust of a curious soul, he’s worked on projects in London, Ireland, Japan and South Africa. He even took a year off work to pilot a sailboat around the Pacific. Fortunately, he’s ready to settle down for a while and steer Enbala’s product team through new territory.

Linda Richardson
Ms. Endless Possibilities
(Aka Vice President, Regional Sales)

Anyone who has worked alongside with Linda over the years knows that she is a very early riser who greets each day with open arms and a belief in endless possibilities. Her motto: “New Day, New Opportunities.” Linda brings this sense of optimism and empowerment to her clients to creatively resolve their biggest business challenges. She does this by drawing upon her in-depth knowledge about all aspects of the power business — generation, T&D, and customer engagement. Enbala, Linda thinks, is a great fit for her, as it leverages her extensive background to help both utilities and their customer bases get the most value from the evolving world of distributed energy resources. When she is not with customers, Linda. a recent empty nester, is enjoying endless adventure possibilities with her husband.

Belinda Ruelle
The Organizer
(Aka Executive Assistant to the CEO)

Belinda began her career in sustainable energy by riding her bike to grade school. Since those days, Belinda has been involved with various community and educational programs that promote sustainability and community outreach. Don’t call her munch-crunchy, call her aware, realistic and quirky…” Need help? Odds against you? ….Call the Organizer…555-4200.”

Mike Ruth
City Slicker
(Aka Vice President, Product Management)

Mike Ruth is indeed one slick dude. His shoes are snazzy; he rocks the trendiest of shirts and he’d look pretty good in a fedora. But underneath that polished veneer is the heart of a boy scout with a focused and intense love of technology. Trustworthy, honorable, compassionate – these are the character traits that keep him on course. Being the best possible dad and a “pretty good” cook – these are the quests that motivate him in his personal life. Hiking, fine food and driving very fast cars on race tracks – these are the hobbies that light up his face. Bringing awesome software products to market – this is the passion that drives him in his professional life – and which he’s done very successfully for 2-1/2 decades. At Enbala, Mike, is 100% focused – intensely – on helping bring new products to market that will drive the adoption of renewable distributed resources. Why? It’s all about his five daughters and making the world a better place for them and future generations.

James Shaw
Smart-Grid Pathfinder
(Aka Manager, Mechanical Engineering)

Seven years ago, James Shaw was an Enbala customer so smitten with the technology, he joined the company. This professional engineer has more than 15 years of operations and energy management experience and, currently, he spends his days exploring how asset owners can maximize their participation in a smarter electricity grid.  When not relaxing with his family, James seeks out solitude in the mountains around Squamish, BC.

Nima Tehani
Insatiable Learner
(Aka Solutions Architect)

Nima Tehani is fervent about a lot of things, and many of them revolve around how technology can be used to improve the quality of life. Since early in his career, Nima has focused on leveraging his expertise to architect more sustainable energy systems. His never-ending curiosity and unflagging optimism have driven him to supplement his solid background in electric power engineering with considerable research on machine learning, data science, probabilistic modeling and other applications that he’s using every day at Enbala to help create a smarter grid. With a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering, Nima’s idea of fun is learning – he can never get enough. When he’s not working on the Symphony by Enbala platform, you’ll probably find him taking MOOC classes, playing with electronic gadgets, writing a technical paper or conquering yet another new skill.

Jonathan (J.T.) Thomson
The Alabama Slammer
(Aka Vice President – Regional Sales)

It not because he played football ferociously for the Crimson Tide. It’s not because he grew up near Mobile and still takes his kids to its white-sand beaches every summer. No, J.T. Thompson is called the Alabama Slammer because of the tenacious way he tackles any problem. He’s run the ball from many positions in the energy business, and he’s even managed an energy spend of more than $300 million spread over 750 retail and industrial sites, so he knows how to help power suppliers see the game from customers’ viewpoints. J.T. won’t let teammates fumble, but he might poke a little fun at all the engineers he knows. “I’m not an engineer by trade, I don’t play one on TV, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night,” he says.

Eric Toler
Altitude Man
(Aka CFO and EVP of Corporate Development)

Eric Toler has a deep and abiding love for high places. His first “real” job was flying down mountains as part of the Vail/Beavercreek Ski Patrol. He has climbed and summited Mt. McKinley and Kilimanjaro, and he was part a Mt. Everest climb. To Eric, the 14ers in his home state of Colorado are a walk in the park. He’s a recovering road bike racer and race car driver, but is still very actively carving up the ice at the hockey rink, flying his plane and ripping new mountain biking trails. His love of speed and desire to conquer new heights have taught him that there’s no substitute in life for skill, experience and judgment. And these are the traits he brings to Enbala in his role as CFO and EVP of Corporate Development – a role he’s had great success in filling for several other high-growth, venture-backed technology companies. He will, most certainly, speedily take Enbala to new heights.

Bud Vos
Mr. Roboto
(Aka President and CEO)

Bud likes to build things. And he likes going fast. In his personal life, you might find him designing robots or mentoring his daughter’s high school robotics team. Or you might catch a glimpse of him speeding madly around a track in a very fast car. At work though he’s all about building companies – and doing it fast, of course. Bud has transformed several fledgling companies in the energy space into well-recognized and highly respected industry leaders. Today he’s very excited to be leading the Enbala team in its rapid growth to the leader in distributed energy resource management.

James Weinkam
The Shutterbug
(Aka Design Engineer)

After spending some 16 years at Kodak, it’s no wonder James is a photography fan. An electronic engineer with more than 22 years of experience in software development, he also enjoys swimming, cycling, gardening and traveling when he’s not helping Enbala fine tune is smart grid solutions.

Darren Wong
Indigenous Energy Expert
(Aka Manager, Client Activation Services)

Darren was born in Singapore, brought to BC as a child, attended the University of British Columbia and has been with Enbala ever since he graduated. That makes him an Enbala native, a man who started his career with an interest in sustainable energy that’s bloomed into the full-grown passion shared by all of the company’s environmentally minded team. With a degree in Computer Engineering, Darren has held numerous roles that supported creation of the Enbala Platform. When not busy with work, he can be found exploring new hiking trails, playing tennis, trying out new restaurants or hitting the slopes.

Eric Young
The Swiss Army Knife
(Aka Vice President, Industry Solutions)

Engineering expertise with business savvy. Technical know-how with an artistic eye. Digital adept and outdoor trailblazer. Those dichotomous traits define Eric Young. An expert at helping organizations manage change, Eric spent nearly 20 years and helping utilities worldwide make sense of digital disruption through technologies such as smart metering, asset optimization, demand management, volt/VAR control and electric curtailment programs. He balances his hyper-technical work with fine woodworking creations, landscape photography and home automation control. In fact, he enabled his own home for voice-responsive control, and he’s named the interface Abu. “I can walk into my house and simply tell Abu that I am home, then my preferred lights turn on and the temperature adjusts, depending on time of day,” he says. If Eric could just figure out a way to get Abu to wash the dishes, he’d really have it made.

Erica Plastino
Passionate Dynamo
(Aka Vice President, Channel Sales)

Erica has a knack for following her passions – ensuring future generations have safe and plentiful water resources, creating support systems for at-risk youth, gardening, dirt biking, languages, the arts, ocean sports, healing through nutrition and raising her son – to name a few. The first half of her career reflects her love for community and her belief that the more culturally diverse tapestry we weave, the grander our experience. The balance of her career has also focused on creating well-choreographed synergies, but with a focus on another passion – clean water and air. With many years of clean-tech experience under her belt, Erica is now Enbala’s VP of Channel Sales. Here she focuses on driving the company’s programs for go-to-market engagement, development of mutually beneficial commercial relationships and successful C&I customer enrollment. She’s passionate about that too – which is readily apparent to the customers who have worked with her.

Christian Wesselhoeft
The Tool Man
(Aka Software Engineer)

When it comes to Chris “the tool man” Wesselhoeft, his personal passions and his business drivers are the same: simplicity, clarity and building things that make life easier. At work, this manifests in everything from the user interfaces he creates to the APIs he develops leveraging his skills as a full-stack developer. At rest, a love of art, philosophy and bouldering capture his time. He believes that using your head and your heart results in achieving better results in less time. His grand, audacious goal? To earn a living working on things that make people’s lives better. He’s well on his way.

Johnny Winn
Resident Juggernaut
(Aka Technical Team Lead)

A juggernaut is defined as “a massive inexorable force that crushes whatever is in its past.” Quietly energetic, curious and oh-so-determined, Johnny Winn is indeed a force to be reckoned with when it comes to exploring how software can be used to create better solutions to existing problems. Self-described as an Elixer/Ruby hash-slinging slasher and idea implementation enabler, Johnny has travelled far since embarking in the 1980s down a long and winding software road with his trusty Commodore 64. From musician to electrical engineer, chef to software developer, rugby player to local politician, the twist and turns have provided a wide range of experiences that have helped to shape him into one of today’s most well-respected Ruby and Elixer experts, host of the highly regarded @Elixerfountain podcast, co-organizer of the @Elixerdaze conference – and one of the key engineers for our Symphony by Enbala platform.


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