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Navigant Research on Virtual Power Plants

A new white paper written by Navigant Research discusses the critical success factors for distributed energy resources and virtual power plants. View White Paper


Key Trends

A critical success factor in working with DERs is having an underlying software platform capable of optimizing these resources while coordinating their operations with conventional grid systems. View White Paper


Value Stacking

When it comes to battery storage investments, leveraging multiple distributed energy resources to achieve multiple goals is the key to gaining the best possible return on investment. Read about how one energy company was able to stack the values of storage plus load to cut its storage system payback in half – plus achieve many other benefits. This is a case where 1+1 equals a lot more than 2. View White Paper


DR’s Demise

Demand response — or DR — has been around for a while and has served us well. But DR alone is not enough to keep our grids up and running reliability any more — not with the dramatic increase in renewable energy and other distributed energy resources. Get the latest thinking on how new approaches to the management of distributed energy resources can help save the day.  View White Paper


VPPs are already commercially available, and a few innovative organizations have started to boldly go into such ventures.

For the crew on the fictional Starship Enterprise, virtual reality was a spectacularly real immersion experience in the holodeck, where you could actually live in a different setting complete with walking-talking-interacting characters. For those of us in today’s world, virtual reality might be an Oculus, which is a digital-entertainment headpiece that presents the sights and sounds of your fantasy locales. View White Paper


Is the growth in variable generation like solar and wind worrying you?

Intermittent renewable resources create unique challenges for utilities and grid operators. Because traditional generation plants can’t ramp efficiently, the benefits of renewables often can’t be fully leveraged, and operations are much less efficient than they should be – and could be. View White Paper


DSM Without Disrupting Your Customers? There is a way. And it’s easy.

There’s no question that the biggest barrier to signing up C&I customers for demand-side management (DSM) programs is their fear of losing control. But DSM doesn’t need to be disruptive. View White Paper


Strength in numbers: How networks enhance DER management systems

Anyone who regularly uses LinkedIn for sales, recruiting or job hunting knows the value of your network is directly proportional to the size of your network. After all, if you only had one or two contacts on LinkedIn, you wouldn’t have access to all that many second- and third-level contacts, would you? View White Paper


15 Symptoms of an Unbalanced Grid

The influx of renewables makes the electric supply and consumer demand balance a precarious one. This symptom checker will help you determine whether the grid you are operating needs a check up. View White Paper


Smart Inverters: Behind-the-meter Grid Allies

Find out what you need to know about the role of smart inverters when it comes to keeping the grid in balance. View White Paper


Extracting Grid Value from Distributed Energy Resources

Harnessing the power of distributed energy may be easier than you think – without large investments in new technology or storage. Find out how distributed energy resources can enable applications like renewable firming, voltage management and frequency regulation by leveraging an established part of the existing electric system: the customer loads that are served by it. View White Paper

Process Storage: Loads of Opportunity

Process storage can offer benefits far beyond the simple on-off demand response limitations of most load control programs. Read about how process storage can support grid reliability, deliver renewable energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions and defer capital spending for new power plant construction. View White Paper
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report: Examination of the Potential for Industrial Loads to Provide Ancillary Services

Valuable process storage that already exists within demand-side loads can be captured and aggregated to deliver flexibility to the power system. Through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory research project funded by the Department of Energy, Enbala has quantified the potential for commercial and industrial loads to provide this flexibility, improving power system efficiency and reliability. View White Paper
white_papers_icon_04 Managing a Smarter Grid Using Demand-Side Storage
Grid-scale energy storage technologies have an important role in the future of the power system. The storage that must be taken advantage of is already in the power system on the load side – it simply needs to be connected to and managed. View White Paper

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