For technology providers looking to integrate industry-leading DER management capabilities into their product offerings, there is no better choice than Generac Grid Services. Our open APIs, combined with the many differentiators that set us apart from other players in the DER management and control market, provide the advanced functionality you need to solve your customers’ most challenging problems.

We bring our IoT technology partners ease of DER integration. HVAC/thermostat, battery, EV charger, PV and other IoT and commercial/industrial asset vendors serving the VPP and DERMS arena can easily integrate to our modern, published JSON API.

Enterprise software partners have a whole new level of choice when it comes to integrating existing or new utility-grade enterprise software solutions to our Concerto platform via a secure, scalable and version-controlled API. Generac Grid Services works directly with our customers and their chosen enterprise software providers — such as DMS, ADMS, SCADA, CIS and portal vendors — as part of contracted customer projects.

The Power of Partnership

Ease of Integration.

The Open API approach of the Generac Grid Services Engine creates a cohesive and direct integration solution using the latest in web standards and security. This Web3.0 approach lowers the total cost of integration, operations and maintenance of the overall solution.

Ability to bring your customers pre-integrated solutions with an improved ROI.

Generac Grid Services offers a highly differentiated solution through which you can deliver best-in-class VPP and DERMS capabilities with a better ROI than alternative solutions. Integration speed is quicker; cost of integration is lower and ongoing support is dramatically reduced.

Leading technology with a highly specialized and differentiated offering.

There are many reasons that Enbala technology was named by Navigant Research as the industry’s leading VPP software or that it’s the DERMS platform of choice for one of the world’s largest technology companies. Speed, scalability and adaptability are three of them, enabled by the advanced features of the Generac Grid Services Engine.

“To deliver our new ARA residential water heater switch on a very tight project schedule, we were able to quickly and logically integrate to Concerto, exceeding our utility customer’s expectations, ramping delivery to scale and maximizing our revenue opportunity in the market.”
Gabe Ayers, CEO of Apricity Code

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