The Enbala team is an eclectic, passionate and multi-faceted group of men and women. Engineers, scientists, developers, smart energy experts, marketers, solutions architects, business executives, product managers, UIX designers, business development professionals…these and the unique skill sets of many others have made us who we are today – and what we will be come tomorrow. There is one underlying element that is shared by everyone who works at Enbala: we are all passionate about creating a sustainable energy future.

Linda Richardson

Ms. Endless Possibilities

Aka Vice President, Strategic Partner Accounts

Anyone who has worked alongside with Linda over the years knows that she is a very early riser who greets […]

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Kyle Martinez

Planetary Protector

AKA QA Test Automation Engineer

From the time he was a tiny tot, Kyle was the family member who went through the house turning off […]

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Mark Mosher

Mr. Natural

Aka Director, Software Support and Services

A native of Nova Scotia, Mark was drawn to the Pacific Coast in search of waves to surf and mountains […]

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Prashant More

Control Freak

Aka Manager, Controls Engineering

Prashant characterizes himself as a very good chess player, a great risk taker and a proud father of two. He […]

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David Bopp

The Cheering Synergist

Aka Manager of Corporate and Production IT

More than 15 years ago, Linux gave David a wink, and IT captured his imagination. Self-described as a people-oriented tech […]

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Eric Young

The Swiss Army Knife

Aka Vice President, Industry Solutions

Engineering expertise with business savvy. Technical know-how with an artistic eye. Digital adept and outdoor trailblazer. Those dichotomous traits define […]

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Greg Baraghimian

Traveling Man

Aka Senior Software Engineer

Greg came to Enbala’s Denver office via Southern California, New Orleans, New York, Boston and Berlin. Needless to say, he’s […]

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Duncan Brown

Solutions Explorer

Aka Solutions Architect

Duncan came to Vancouver five years ago for summer vacation and never left. He fell in love with the opportunities […]

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James Shaw

Smart-Grid Pathfinder

Aka Systems Engineering Architect

Seven years ago, James Shaw was an Enbala customer so smitten with the technology, he joined the company. This professional […]

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Raj Singh Dhawal

The Trader

Aka Network Operator

Tech guy with a business brain … or, wait? Is it the other way around? With an MBA and a […]

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Lee Morris

Quintessential Brit

Vice President and General Manager, EMEA

When meeting Lee, there’s no questioning where he’s from. If his British accent doesn’t give him away, his composed and […]

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Jeff MacAulay

The Windcatcher

Aka Chief Operating Officer

To anyone who knows Jeff MacAulay, it would come as no surprise that he’s spent much of his career in […]

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Graham Horn

Smart Energy Evangelist

Aka, VP, Business Development, Western North America

Graham Horn has been a green energy guy for ages, and what attracted him to Enbala was the wisdom of […]

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Darren Wong

Indigenous Energy Expert

Aka Manager, Client Activation Services

Darren was born in Singapore, brought to BC as a child, attended the University of British Columbia and has been […]

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Troy Anatra

The Creative Problem Solver

Aka Vice President, Commercial Operations

Troy has a quest for novelty and a passion for finding creative solutions to complex challenges. To him, the world […]

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Lauren Selleck

Master Facilitator

Agile Product Manager

Borrowing from the parlance of IT, Lauren’s colleagues have described her as a rare, “full-stack” human being. Software development, project […]

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Seth Messer

Maker of things

software engineer

Seth’s ability to build things – both physical and digital – is his passion. It’s also what drives him to […]

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Rob Sullivan

Database Virtuoso

Senior Software Engineer

Rob lives and breathes databases. His colleagues assert that his XLST skills are amazing, and at least one admirer says, […]

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Nima Tehrani

Insatiable Learner

Aka Solutions Architect

Nima Tehrani is fervent about a lot of things, and many of them revolve around how technology can be used […]

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Eric Hoevenaars

Simplicity Seeker

Aka Systems Analyst

Eric appreciates the simple things in life: good food, good friends and an efficiently run power system. He has spent […]

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Joseph Jobes

Humble Deconstructionist

AKA Software Developer

Ascetic. Minimalist. Disciplined. Humble. No, Joseph Hobs is not a monk. But he is just as dedicated to his own […]

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Mike Benner


Vice President, Business Development, Japan

Mike didn’t really plan to fall in love with Japan. He arrived in 1986 as a young student with a […]

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Bud Vos

Mr. Roboto

Aka President and CEO

Bud likes to build things. And he likes going fast. In his personal life, you might find him designing robots […]

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Tony Winn

Gentle Persuader

An inquisitive problem solver, Tony has just the right balance of calm guidance, empathetic understanding and experience-driven knowledge. Eschewing grandstanding […]

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Jonathan (J.T.) Thomson

The Alabama Slammer

Aka Vice President – Regional Sales

It not because he played football ferociously for the Crimson Tide. It’s not because he grew up near Mobile and […]

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Trevor Walker

The Rock

Operations Engineer

With more than 17 years of IT experience, Trevor has tremendous strengths as a systems architect and network engineer. In […]

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Alexandra Behringer

Energy Healer

Senior Product Owner

Alexandra is a night owl – probably because she’s got a lot on her mind. Self-described as a detail-oriented, animal-loving, […]

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Andy Gassner

Renaissance Man

Aka Product Manager

Andy is a rocket scientist with a relentless quest to harness the power of the wind. With a background in […]

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Lana Gonoratsky

Active Advocate

Aka Proposal Manager

Lana lives in a world of continual learning, understanding and communicating. Driven by a focus on sustainable development, renewable energy, […]

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James Weinkam

The Shutterbug

Aka Design Engineer

After spending some 16 years at Kodak, it’s no wonder James is a photography fan. An electronic engineer with more […]

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Malcolm Metcalfe

The Visionary

Aka Enbala founder and Chief Research Officer

Malcolm Metcalfe says he started Enbala as something he could do part-time so he could spend the rest of the […]

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Woon Tiong Ang

Creative Genius

Aka Software Engineer

Enbala’s Woon Tiong Ang embraces a philosophy of, “In life, you only live once.” This permeates everything he does and […]

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Severin Nowak

Robust Researcher

AKA Power Systems Research Associate

Those who know him say that Severin possesses an uncommon ability to maintain a razor-sharp focus on many things – […]

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Liam Kelly

The Toymaker

Aka Manager, Systems Engineering

Have you ever met one of those endlessly tinkering types who is constantly surrounded by nuts, bolts and tiny tools […]

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Ben Turner

Boundless Achiever

AKA Director of Software Engineering

There are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen and people who wonder what happened. Ben is […]

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Mike Ruth

City Slicker

Aka Vice President, Product Management

Mike Ruth is indeed one slick dude. His shoes are snazzy; he rocks the trendiest of shirts and he’d look […]

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Trent Bowers

The Southern Gent

Aka Chief Commercial Officer and EVP of Sales

The only Southerner on the team, Trent Bowers was raised to believe that when you borrow something, you give it […]

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Daniel Ariza


Aka Senior UI/UX Designer

Creative to his core, Daniel is passionate about good design and delivering clean, powerful and intuitive user interfaces. Since beginning […]

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Ginger Juhl

Experience Officer

Aka Head of Marketing

If you know Ginger, you might describe her as “a little quirky”, slightly “touched” and “a bit to the left […]

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Gavin Hume

Planetary Activist

Aka, VP, Operations

Gavin was Enbala’s 2nd employee, and he’s enjoyed every minute of the next nine year. He’ll tell you that’s because […]

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Sahand Behboodi

Thoughtful Catalyst

AKA Systems Engineer

A famous man once said there are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen and people who […]

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Belinda Ruelle

The Organizer

Aka Executive Assistant to the CEO

Belinda began her career in sustainable energy by riding her bike to grade school. Since those days, Belinda has been […]

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Matt Milton

Impassioned Programmer

AKA Junior Software Engineer

It’s true that Matt is passionate about the quality of the code he develops. And his skills as a software […]

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