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As all of us pull together to get through the current virus epidemic, many of us have a lot more time on our hands than just a few days ago. Enbala encourages everyone to use this as an opportunity to enhance their education, and we’ve created this landing page to extend the best of our thought leadership on the topics of distributed energy resources, virtual power plants and DERMS in one place.

The white papers, case studies and videos on this page represent our “top 10” in terms of their viewing popularity over the past year, and for the next several weeks, we are offering them to everyone with no need to fill out any forms, answer any questions or tell us who you are. Just click, open and enjoy.

Virtual Power Plants Go Global: A Commercial Pathway for Moving from VPP to DERMS

How are energy providers around the world successfully leveraging VPPs?  What are the geographic differences in how these platforms are being used?  How does a VPP set the framework for greater distribution system control under a DERMS framework? This white paper answers these questions and more.

Electric Vehicles in a Distributed Energy World: Spotlight on a Transformative Technology

Big opportunities exist for utilities who can leverage electric vehicles as distributed energy resources. By integrating vehicle batteries into a VPP or DERMS, utilities can mitigate the grid balancing challenges of renewable intermittency while also creating enhanced revenue. This white paper provides a fresh look at EVs and the factors that can help utilities take full advantage of their power—and mitigate their challenges.

Portland General Electric: Achieving Distributed Flexibility at Scale With a Virtual Power Plant

As power grids transition to meeting the demands of a decentralized, decarbonized world fed by millions of distributed energy resources, utilities are faced with many grid stability and reliability issues.  Fortunately, companies like Portland General Electric (PGE) are lighting the way.  Read about how PGE's award-winning virtual power plant is helping the utility achieve its energy and climate goals.

Third Annual Distributed Energy Survey Provides Insights on Control and Management of DERs

This paper summarizes the results of a 2019 survey of 100+ respondents on their plans, thoughts and actions for leveraging distributed energy resources. It also answers important questions on the use of DERMS and VPP platforms to control and manage the growing number of distributed energy assets coming onto our power grids.

Puget Sound Energy: Using Real-Time Demand Response Technology to Defer Investments in Fossil Fuels

Learn how PSE is leveraging an innovative, virtual power plant-based demand response program to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, while also meeting customer needs for reliable, sustainable and cost-effective energy services.

DERMS: Blazing the Path from VPPs to Holistic Grid Control

This paper answers questions such as how can utilities best begin using virtual power plants in existing markets? And what's the best approach to then leverage these VPP investments as a means to evolve to the more location-specific grid control benefits offered by DERMS for real and reactive distribution power management?

Virtual Power Plants: Coming to a Grid Near You

Virtual power plants—what are they, what are they NOT, what can you do with them, what can't you do? This new paper answers your questions about VPPs, how they are different than DERMS and why these differences matter.

Comparing and Contrasting Leading Virtual Power Plant Markets

Listen in on this webinar with Matthew Armitage from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Peter Asmus from Navigant Research and Bud Vos from Enbala. They provide interesting insights on the common market drivers, the unique factors encouraging the adoption of VPPs and DERMS, and why these developments are important for utilities and energy retailers across the globe. Also hear lessons learned that can help shape future solutions.
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Virtual Power Plants Go Global

Learn from this interview between Navigant Research and Enbala about the shifting dynamics of the virtual power plant market around the world.
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Electric Vehicles in a Distributed Energy World

Hear about how utilities are in a unique position when it comes to leveraging EVs as an opportunity to bring kilowatts back to the grid, have an excellent tool for load shaving, and do it all while enhancing customer relationships.
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