Since we released our new platform a year ago, technology has continued to advance, and Enbala has incorporated the best of the best into our solution set.

Enbala unveiled a new version of its distributed energy resource optimization and control platform today at DistribuTECH 2018 in San Antonio, TX. This platform, the Enbala Engine, underpins the company’s Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solutions, the latter of which was recently named by Navigant Research as the world’s leading VPP software. The new version of the platform includes several enhancements to both VPP and DERMS functionality. The latest release includes:

  • Next-gen bidding module that adds support for blending economic and storage cost optimization, improving speed and resource optimization and increased flexibility of fleet optimization within the platform.
  • An advanced topology solution that supports the most comprehensive topology configurations in the industry. This topology solution supports complex configurations along with a seamless conversion between VPP and DERMS applications.
  • Enhanced VPP topology and UX that enables support for multiple concurrent services and competing VPP goals across the asset fleet, along with ease of use in the UX
  • Advancements in open APIs — further extensions to Enbala Engine API providing query language and tools to enhance integration performance and flexibility. This includes enabling full integration with utility enterprise systems, including SCADA and ADMS solutions, for synchronization of distribution network model, input of unbalanced load/power flow telemetry and output of DER control signals for network optimization.
  • Active power management for distribution network operators, providing feeder over-current monitoring and management, optimizing available DERs to maintain feeder within operational current limits and feeder over-supply monitoring and management, and optimizing available DERs to prevent reverse-flow conditions to the substation at the feeder getaway cable/circuit breaker.
  • Distribution network model support for substations, feeders, circuit breakers, line segments, switches, fuses, voltage regulators and terminals.
  • ABB ADMS integration with Network Manager ADMS 9.1, supporting active power management, system topology and load flow calculations.
  • Expanded DER asset library support for smart inverters, grid scale batteries and smart inverter-based PV systems, electric vehicles, residential storage systems, cogeneration and combined heat and power generators.

“Since we released our new platform a year ago, technology has continued to advance, and Enbala has incorporated the best of the best into our solution set,” said Mike Ratliff, Enbala Chief Technology Officer. “Speed, accuracy and scalability is our mantra, and everything we do centers around continually improving our ability to control millions of distributed assets and respond in sub-seconds to the real-time energy balancing needs of the grid.”

About Enbala®
Enbala provides the advanced technology needed to ensure the operational stability of the world’s power grids by harnessing the power of distributed energy. Enbala’s real-time energy-balancing platform provides a highly flexible approach for creating controllable and dispatchable energy resources from flexible loads, energy storage and renewable energy sources. The platform underpins Enbala’s award-winning and industry-leading DERMS and VPP technology and dynamically optimizes and dispatches distributed energy resources to respond to the real-time needs of the power system. The platform gives energy retailers and utilities the flexibility to operate in real-time and to better manage the escalating complexities of increasingly variable energy assets and evolving market opportunities. For more information, visit or follow @enbala on Twitter.

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