Utilities and C&I Customers to Reap Benefits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. VANCOUVER, BC, and DENVER, CO – August 11, 2016 – Enbala Power Networks and Encycle Corporation announce that they have partnered to integrate the Symphony by EnbalaÔ distributed energy resource management platform with Encycle’s Swarm Energy Management® solution for demand response and demand management. The partnership will help all classes of commercial and industrial (C&I) customers lower their energy usage and costs, while also enabling utilities to more easily achieve their grid balancing and energy efficiency goals.

Encycle’s wireless Swarm Energy Management™ (SEM) solution sub-meters and controls energy-consuming devices in C&I facilities. SEM allows loads to communicate with each other and intelligently manage peak demand using Encycle’s patented Swarm Logic™. The Symphony by EnbalaÔ distributed energy aggregation and control platform leverages electrical demand flexibility, energy storage, renewables and other distributed energy resources (DERs) to keep energy grids in a constant state of reliable balance.

Through the partnership, Encycle’s network of Swarm Logic-enabled devices can be added to the mix of aggregated loads controlled by the Enbala platform, supporting a wide variety of critical grid services. These include regulation service, contingency reserve, voltage management, peak demand management and renewable firming.

“Our new partnership with Encycle adds a significant new source of demand flexibility to the ecosystem of distributed energy resources optimized and controlled by the Enbala platform,” noted Enbala President and CEO Arthur “Bud” Vos. “This heightened level of load accessibility is very important to our ability to have the network of resources needed to respond to the moment-to-moment supply and demand electricity balancing needs of the grid.”

Encycle’s Swarm Energy Management has already been adopted by more than 100 organizations, including some of the largest and most respected retailers and distribution centers in North America, representing a considerable opportunity for improved grid balancing support.

“The potential of leveraging Encycle’s network of loads in combination with the Enbala platform is enormous,” said Bob Chiste, CEO and President of Encycle. “Not only can such added demand flexibility help avoid grid investment costs, but it can also reduce energy production needs and ancillary services costs. Most importantly, it improves the bottom line for a broad range of C&I customers via enhanced control of their energy usage.” In total, Encycle and Enbala serve over 700 facilities and nearly 10,000 assets.

About Enbala Power Networks®

Enbala Power Networks is focused on making the world’s power grids greener and more reliable, efficient and predictable by harnessing the power of distributed energy. Enbala’s real-time energy-balancing platform – Symphony by EnbalaÔ – is transforming energy system operations through its revolutionary, highly flexible approach for creating controllable and dispatchable energy resources. It unobtrusively captures and aggregates available customer loads, energy storage and renewable energy sources to form a network of continuously controlled energy resources. The platform dynamically optimizes and dispatches these resources to respond to the real-time needs of the power system – all without impacting customer operations. For more information, visit http://enbala.wpengine.com or follow @enbala on Twitter.

About Encycle

Encycle provides unique benefits to a number of Fortune 500 companies. The Energy as a Service by Encycle (“EASE”) solution maximizes the performance of HVAC systems to save commercial and industrial companies money while reducing their carbon footprint. Based on patented Swarm Logic technology, Encycle’s platform uses biomimicry techniques to reduce HVAC energy costs, participate in demand response programs and gain valuable insight into HVAC performance. EASE is simple and easy to install, optionally integrates with leading IoT solutions, and delivers ROIs that far exceed most solar, storage and lighting initiatives. For more information visit https://www.encycle.com or follow ‪@encyclecorp‪ on Twitter.

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