Whether you’re a distribution network operator or system operator, you’re faced with making choices to transition your utility from a past dominated by one-way information flows to a new, more complex reality with multiple points of variable energy supply.

Renewables, energy storage, distributed generation, microgrids… these and other sources of distributed energy can dramatically improve the operation of your distribution network – but they can also disrupt it if you are missing the business models and technologies to handle to the rapidly growing fleets of distributed assets on the modern grid. This is the challenge. Generac Grid Services provides the solution.

Meeting the DER Mandate

Integrate renewables.

The Concerto platform makes it much easier for you to meet and expand a sustainable portfolio that creates value for your customers, stabilizes the grid and enhances shareholder value.

Manage multi-asset systems.

As you expand from simple DR to more complex and distributed systems, make sure the technology you select can handle any asset, any time, both now and into the future. Generac Grid Services is doing this for companies around the world. What can we do for you?

Deliver multiple grid services.

With Generac Grid Services, you can leverage distributed energy for simple services today – like demand response and capacity dispatch – while also meeting your future needs for advanced power flow, Volt/VAR control and ancillary services. Distribution system or transmission system, localized control or grid-wide control… Generac Grid Services solutions have been proven in the most complex markets in the world.

Integrate with existing back office systems.

Generac Grid Services' open systems approach ensures ease of integration with the many back office systems you are operating now, as well as the ones you will deploy in the future. This system-of-systems design philosophy mitigates the risk of obsolescence to ensure continued success far into the future.

Evolve your business model.

Generac Grid Services' solutions were designed with business model evolution in mind. Whether your goals are to build capacity, increase your DER portfolio or move towards being a DSO, our solutions will help you adapt to the changing energy landscape.

New Brunswick Power

With an aggressive goal of generating 40 percent of its portfolio from renewables by 2020, the utility needed some way to address capacity firming issues presented by variable energy resources (VERs) like wind and solar power.

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The grid is changing.
To survive in the distributed energy world, utilities and energy retailers will adapt their thinking, their models and their expectations to forge a new path forward.