Generac Grid Services provides a software solution that integrates with your existing assets and control systems to open up new revenue streams and savings opportunities without impacting your day-to-day operations. Our software platform allows you to implement strategies to harness time-based flexibility of your electricity-consuming assets, as well as new or existing generation or storage assets. Generac Grid Services combines all of these distributed energy resources to reduce demand charges and participate in demand side management (DSM) programs, including demand response (DR). Platform functionality grows with you as you add solar, battery storage, cogeneration or other DERs, including the ability to understand the incremental economic benefit of each asset type during the planning phase.

No facility is the same, so why should your approach to DSM and DR be the same? Generac’s Concerto software platform can be used whether you are looking for asset visibility only (M&V), or a complete notification and DER management platform. Our constraint-based approach has allowed sites such as water and wastewater treatment plants and hospitals to participate in DSM. Although undetectable, the software is working 24/7 to leverage previously unseen or unused flexibility within your facility to deliver a host of cost, operating and forecasting benefits.

Generac Grid Services’ software platform provides the following services to commercial or industrial

  • Real-time asset visibility and performance metrics
  • A customizable, non-impactful control strategy to manage flexible load
  • Real-time market visibility (to understand value of asset flexibility in the market
  • An intuitive way to configure which assets will participate in which ways

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The grid is changing.
To survive in the distributed energy world, utilities and energy retailers will adapt their thinking, their models and their expectations to forge a new path forward.