With the energy market in the midst of a new age of dynamic change, energy retailers need the ability to play in the distributed energy marketplace if they hope to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace.

With Enbala solutions, not only will you achieve better control and optimization of your energy resources, but you’ll also derive greater value from your energy dollar and the ability to offer your customers innovative, cost-cutting, environment-saving products and services. Not only does this give you new sources of revenue; it also breathes new life into your marketing initiatives.

Leveraging DERs to Improve Your Competitive Posture

Asset Co-Optimization.

Integrating assets for distributed energy services requires the ability to optimize energy assets for customers and for wholesale markets. Doing this means a faster rate of return on capital and a more efficient operation overall. Enbala’s technology effectively and simultaneously co-optimizes for the behavior of both the energy consumer and the energy market.

Multi-Asset operation.

With portfolios no longer sustainable by relying on single assets, Enbala technology provides the ability to orchestrate mixed asset systems in order to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

Wholesale market integration.

The name of the game is to use distributed energy assets for market opportunities. As such, you need a tight linkage to the energy services and energy markets of the wholesale markets. Enbala leverages its open systems approach to integrate with wholesale markets and coordinate tightly with the energy markets. And because of the computational speed of the platform, retailers can take advantage of the market opportunities in real time.


The role of the energy consumer is changing. And with these changes, the role of the energy retailer needs to change along with it.

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The grid is changing.
To survive in the distributed energy world, utilities and energy retailers will adapt their thinking, their models and their expectations to forge a new path forward.