Effective integration of DERs brings many benefits to grid operators. For one, they can help improve system resiliency and reliability, while enhancing both energy security and fuel diversity. For another, they offer a giant step forward in meeting clean energy standards and deferring infrastructure upgrades. And today, if aggregated effectively, they allow much greater participation in electricity markets, which both feeds the markets and offers benefits to a much higher number of market participants.

Whether you are looking for ways to address frequency regulation requirements, to increase situational awareness of DERs or to integrate DERs into your energy, ancillary service and capacity markets, Generac Grid Services provides the technology you need for a more flexibile, dynamic and DER-friendly grid.

Solving the DER Challenge

Integrate renewables.

Enbala’s ability to handle any asset, any time means it’s easier for you to meet and expand a sustainable portfolio of grid-balancing DER assets.

Manage the complexity of multi-asset systems.

Make sure the DER optimization and control technology you select can handle any asset, any time -- both now and into the future. Enbala is doing this for grid operators around the world, helping to integrate multi-asset DERs into energy, ancillary services and capacity markets, while also implementing better ways to leverage economic scheduling and real-time locational prices.

Deliver multiple grid services with a single platform.

With Enbala, you can leverage distributed energy for simple services today, while also meeting your future needs for much more advanced grid and market services. In fact, Enbala solutions have been proven in the most complex markets in the world.

Integrate with existing back office systems.

Enbala’s open systems approach ensures ease of integration with the many back office systems you are operating now, as well as the ones you will deploy in the future. This system-of-systems design philosophy mitigates the risk of obsolescence to ensure continued success far into the future.

Evolve your business model.

Enbala solutions were designed with business model evolution in mind, with a focus on helping grid operators adapt to the changing energy landscape.

Improve wholesale market transactions.

So that distributed energy assets can be leveraged for market opportunities, Enbala leverages an open systems approach to integrate with wholesale markets and coordinate tightly with modern energy markets. And because of the computational speed of the platform, market participants can take advantage of market opportunities in real time.

PJM Interconnection

When PJM needed clean alternatives to traditional generation to meet its capacity needs for frequency regulation, it turned to Enbala.

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The grid is changing.
To survive in the distributed energy world, utilities and energy retailers will adapt their thinking, their models and their expectations to forge a new path forward.