Software test engineer by day; cryptocurrency/tech enthusiast by night. Darrin brings Generac Grid Services more than 20 years of experience in various software development, testing and support roles. With a passion for software delivery projects that are challenging, rewarding and making a positive impact in our world, Darrin describes himself as a technology nerd, perfectionist, philosophical thinker and quite possibly an alien (with a dry wit and quirky sense of humor). In addition to his passion for helping to enable a clean energy future, Darrin also has a keen interest in facilitating the adoption and development of solutions around Bitcoin as a paradigm-shifting technology. In fact, he started and ran his own cryptocurrency business. But his biggest accomplishment, he feels, is raising two children in a fast-paced and ever-changing world full of exciting opportunities and relentless challenges — challenges like trance dancing. He’s a huge fan of electronic dance music but strongly emphasizes that he DOES NOT DANCE.

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