Whole brain thinkers that can balance left-brain analytical traits with right-brain creative characteristics are rare. David is one such rarity. As a result, he is an imaginative yet layered and logical software engineer, which greatly benefits his work, his approach to complex problem solving and the effectiveness and maintainability of his code. A lifelong learner, David has a quest to continually improve himself as a professional, a husband, a father and a friend.

  1. What are you most passionate about personally and why?
    To be a lifelong learner and improve myself as a professional, as a husband, as a father, and as a friend.
  2. What attracted you to Enbala, i.e., why did you come to work here?
    What do you like best about the company and your job? I was attracted to the unique tech stack of Elixir and Elm to level up my functional programming. The core company focus on sustainability and energy balance is a mission that makes me feel like I’m working on part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
  3. What are you surprisingly good at?
    Weird one: I used to practice holding my breath and got over 4 minutes.
  4. What’s your biggest professional accomplishment so far?
    In a sole capacity picking up a new language (Elixir) and building out an application that is the core CRM, networking, marketing, and event management system for a several shared office suites buildings.
  5. Describe your biggest personal accomplishment so far?
    Marrying my wonderful wife, Mayumi, and raising our two boys, Noah (5) and Micah (3).
  6. What do you most enjoy doing outside of work, i.e., what are your hobbies and interests, and what is it about these things that draws you to them?
    • Camping/Hiking – There’s not much better for me than sitting around the fire after a good hike and roasting S’Mores with the family.
    • Playing guitar and singing – Getting together with friends and poorly making noise is a lot of fun.
    • Running/Racing – I was a miler in college and this gets the competitive juices flowing.
    • Indoor Rowing – The smooth rhythm and convenience, mixed with a difficult, sometimes painful, workout make this my go to machine.
    • Mechanical keyboards – I have a lot of keyboards, built my own custom tilted and split keyboard stand, and am always looking for little ergonomic tweaks that slightly enhance the typing experience and reduce the chances of RSI.
    • What is your grand, audacious goal?
      I would someday like to build my own software that helps people to find common ground rather than division and fighting.
    • What’s something about you that not many people know?
      Here’s two:

      • I’m addicted to super dark chocolate.
      • I don’t like to see pictures of places like National Parks before going. I’d rather experience it in the moment.

I am a senior software engineer focused on delivering business value, writing approachable and maintainable code, and being an empathetic and accountable team member. I have 15 years experience developing software for small startups and large companies in the healthcare, learning management, military defense, and real estate industries. That experience consists of senior engineering positions at Envoy, Lessonly, Novetta, and OurHealth. I have also operated a software consultancy for the past 10 years and am a previous owner of Baldwin Companies, a commercial and residential real estate company.

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