Eli Fratkin is a resourceful, self-driven improviser — a spontaneous (yet focused), intuitive problem-solver capable of quickly finding new solutions to unexpected problems. He did it when he led a team of engineers in the development and launch of a military defense system that saved countless lives. He also did it when leading development of a new EV battery, a fiber optic sensing system and a digital PCR system. He does it every day as a very involved dad to two active toddlers. And he does it at Generac Grid Services in his role as senior systems engineer for the Project Delivery team. The personification of “performance under pressure” and with a strong background in radar, optics, lasers, software and firmware, Eli is a true heavy hitter in managing the full system development life cycle of projects from scoping and specifications, design and development, to testing and deployment, while resolving complex technological and project management issues.

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