Eric Toler has a deep and abiding love for high places. His first “real” job was flying down mountains as part of the Vail/Beavercreek Ski Patrol. He has climbed and summited Mt. McKinley and Kilimanjaro, and he was part a Mt. Everest climb. To Eric, the 14ers in his home state of Colorado are a walk in the park. He’s a recovering road bike racer and race car driver, but is still very actively carving up the ice at the hockey rink, flying his plane and ripping new mountain biking trails. His love of speed and desire to conquer new heights have taught him that there’s no substitute in life for skill, experience and judgment. And these are the traits he brings to Enbala in his role as CFO and EVP of Corporate Development – a role he’s had great success in filling for several other high-growth, venture-backed technology companies. He will, most certainly, speedily take Enbala to new heights.

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