If you know Ginger, you might describe her as “a little quirky”, slightly “touched” and “a bit to the left of center.” She secretly agrees with this assessment, but prefers to describe herself as the only predominantly right-brained member of the Enbala team. This is a good thing since she leads Enbala’s marketing efforts – and balances out the mostly left-brained, logic-driven Enbala community. Ginger, like most everyone at Enbala, is passionate about the outdoors and preserving its natural beauty. During her career she’s worked with many of the industry’s leading smart grid consultants, systems integrators and software/hardware developers and has been instrumental in helping them evolve from unknown companies to shining stars in the utility community. When she’s not putting together an event, tweeting or writing a press releases or blog, you’ll find her hiking, scuba diving somewhere in the Caribbean or biking along the Platte River near her home in Denver.

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