Ishan has two big passions: doing what he can to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy — and avidly following the Liverpool Football Club (he’s been a fan since he was 12.) A patient sort, Ishan’s calm demeanor and innate curiosity underpin his love of interacting with Generac Grid Services’ clients to understand their points of view and business goals and then use his expertise to help them achieve these goals. An electrical engineer specializing in power systems, smart grid, renewable energy, user acceptance testing, customer training and SaaS software integration (to name a few), Ishan acts as a trusted adviser to customers, helping them to get the most out of Generac Grid Services’ software, while also providing iterative customer-based input on how to continually improve the Concerto platform. Outside of work, Ishan is drawn to soccer, hiking, rock climbing and reading – thinks that keep him physically and mentally challenged, which, he believes, are important to his goal of living a full and fulfilling life.

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