Greta Thunberg has nothing on Jessie Mehrhoff. Inspired at a young age by her father’s success in enabling legislation to protect endangered species, Jessie represented North America when she was only 14 at a climate conference in Malaysia (where she also dined with the Queen at her palace!). Over the years, Jessie has continued to protect the natural world from a different angle than her biologist dad but strives every day to live with the same care and consciousness that he did. As a technological optimist, she contributes to conversations about how to develop cleaner, smarter energy grids in our accelerating world. Previously responsible for leading Guidehouse Insights’ VPP research service, Jessie now manages Generac Grid Services’ product marketing initiatives to accelerate the integration and optimization of clean, distributed energy resources. When not working to help decarbonize the planet, Jessie is a yoga instructor and jokes that she works with electrons by day and a more subtle form of energy at night.

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