A juggernaut is defined as “a massive inexorable force that crushes whatever is in its past.” Quietly energetic, curious and oh-so-determined, Johnny Winn is indeed a force to be reckoned with when it comes to exploring how software can be used to create better solutions to existing problems. Self-described as an Elixir/Ruby hash-slinging slasher and idea implementation enabler, Johnny has travelled far since embarking in the 1980s down a long and winding software road with his trusty Commodore 64. From musician to electrical engineer, chef to software developer, rugby player to local politician, the twist and turns have provided a wide range of experiences that have helped to shape him into one of today’s most well-respected Ruby and Elixir experts, host of the highly regarded @Elixirfountain podcast, co-organizer of the @Elixirdaze conference – and one of the key engineers for our Symphony by Enbala platform.

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