Organized, focused, direct, goal-oriented and highly efficient. Michael Gaertner embodies many characteristics that make him the ideal vanguard for Generac Grid Services’ presence in Germany — and the perfect person to make sure our customers in Europe’s German-speaking countries are always happy. Motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve positive results, he attributes much of his success to being surprisingly good at listening, forming strong teams, and managing complex multi-national, multi-cultural IT projects. He’s very proud of the fact that he’s never lost a project – not once in a long, successful career spanning 14 years. While Michael is indeed very driven by the quest for satisfied customers, he’s also highly focused on the happiness of family and he regards them as his most important accomplishment in life. Outside of the office, he’s likely to be found spending time with them – including his dog – hiking, reading a good book, or perhaps enjoying salty breezes at his retreat on the North Sea.

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