Mike didn’t really plan to fall in love with Japan. He arrived in 1986 as a young student with a goal to study electrical engineering in Japanese. All these years later, he’s still in Japan, experiencing life with a deep appreciation for the language and culture of his adopted homeland. Now fully bi-lingual – and bi-cultural – Mike loves the beauty of the country, the kindness and thoughtfulness of its people and the efficient synchronicity with which his life now ebbs and flows. A fitness-focused adventurer who likes testing his limits surrounded by the beauty and power of nature, Mike has picked the ideal place to follow his passions. With a goal of helping the world achieve a net zero reality someday soon, he’s pursuing this dream by helping Enbala with his cross-border management and cultural transition skills. Responsible for leading Enbala’s Japanese initiatives, Mike is also Vice Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s Energy Committee. It’s a perfect match.

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