Mike Ruth is indeed one slick dude. His shoes are snazzy; he rocks the trendiest of shirts and he’d look pretty good in a fedora. But underneath that polished veneer is the heart of a boy scout with a focused and intense love of technology. Trustworthy, honorable, compassionate – these are the character traits that keep him on course. Being the best possible dad and a “pretty good” cook – these are the quests that motivate him in his personal life. Hiking, fine food and driving very fast cars on race tracks – these are the hobbies that light up his face. Bringing awesome software products to market – this is the passion that drives him in his professional life – and which he’s done very successfully for 2-1/2 decades. At Generac Grid Services, Mike, is 100% focused – intensely – on helping bring new products to market that will drive the adoption of renewable distributed resources. Why? It’s all about his five daughters and making the world a better place for them and future generations.

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