Tracy’s dream is to visit every single continent and make friends in every country and city along the way. An explorer at heart, she has a strong need to learn more, discover more and do more, and she’s already made great strides along her path to experience all the world has to offer. With a strong creative bent, Tracy is an avid photographer. In fact, she does portrait photography as an avocation. She also makes good use of her creative talents in her role as a Generac Grid Services product owner, putting her passion to work in creating aesthetically pleasing products that are intuitively easy to use by our customers. Adept at bridging the gaps between business requirements and end user experiences, she is unrelentingly flexible at adapting to constantly changing needs — and always with a smile on her face. She views every challenge — in her business and personal life — as a new adventure. Ever curious, she is always ready to open new doors and pursue new paths — for herself, her product team and her customers.

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