Generac Grid Services' latest platform generation, Concerto™, provides the speed, accuracy and scalability needed to ensure that energy is moving to the right place at precisely the right time. Concerto delivers the VPP and DERMS solution use cases that set Generac Grid Services apart in the world of distributed energy resource management.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).

What if, instead of building new peaker plants, the industry could meet our energy needs by making hundreds or thousands of DERs work together to create virtual power plants? This is the beauty of Generac Grid Services' VPP solution. The Generac Grid Services VPP solution is focused on achieving the best possible profit for asset owners while maintaining precise supply-demand balance of the grid – and at the lowest possible environmental impact and cost.

Generac Grid Services' VPP Differentiators

  • Aggregation and orchestration of multi-asset systems. Leverage any asset, at any time.

  • Market integration and monetization. Improve market participation and ROI by integrating with wholesale markets and/or utility operations.

  • Flexibility reservation. Reserve flexibility from the system for market opportunities, generation planning and renewable integration.

  • Co-Optimization – Control assets in two second cycles so they be used for advanced grid services while also optimizing for end customer uses.

Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS).

Generac Grid Services' DERMS solution takes DER management to the distribution side of the grid. Because the system knows exactly where each asset is located, it can precisely target which assets to control to mitigate the challenges caused by too many renewables coming on line. This location-driven focus allows the DERMS to exercise a high degree of control over both real power (watts) and reactive power (VARs), effectively increasing hosting capacity and enabling a higher degree of renewable penetration.

Generac Grid Services DERMS Differentiators

  • Locational and global optimization. Optimize a system at a very local (i.e., circuit) level or at a global (i.e., region/substation) level.

  • Power and Volt/VAR control. Control for both power and voltage power system attributes.

  • Response speed. Respond instantaneously to system conditions.

  • Adaptable. Integrate with utility back office systems for distribution controls.

Analysis and Planning.

Generac Grid Services' market analysis and planning tools provide a techno-economic assessment of DERs’ value streams. Utilities and energy retailers use these tools for accurate and effective end-customer segmentation and qualification, and as a method to evaluate investment in future DERs of optimal size and technology type.