The Concerto Platform

Concerto provides real-time control and optimization of an unlimited variety and number of distributed energy resources (DERs) and leverages these resources as flexible energy assets used at all levels of the power delivery system -- from end-customers to grid operators and everyone in between.

Intelligent Optimization and Forecasting.

The core of our technology superiority involves intelligent forecasting and real-time, multi-service optimization of DER assets. Our advanced machine learning algorithms are used to understand how DER asset capacity and control parameters evolve over time to forecast available capacity in real-time. We use a distributed bidding system to optimize the network and solve grid problems while accounting for individual DER asset model costs and constraints. This constraint model is fundamentally designed to address the need of constraint-based control and optimization. As new opportunities and business models enter the marketplace, Concerto will provide the necessary flexibility to adapt faster than the competition.

Controlling Assets for Speed and Scale.

Concerto is built with a distributed software architecture designed to match the highly distributed nature of DERs for massive scalability. We use a highly concurrent and parallelized software stack with state-of-the-art tools and algorithms that enable the platform to be platform is asset agnostic and designed for real-time dispatch and control, allowing new and emerging asset technologies to easily be incorporated and scaled into the network, ensuring no groundbreaking opportunities are left unexplored.

Meeting Industry Standards.

Concerto is highly interoperable and complies with a wide range of industry protocols and standards. It is designed to be flexible in supporting industry-standard protocols and APIs as well as utility-specific protocols to allow for low cost and rapid interfacing. The platform is ADMS-ready, using two-way communication to provide reliable services to utility and grid operators while maintaining service-participant constraints that function invisibly behind the scenes and have no impact on business operations.

Ensuring Security.

Generac Grid Services takes the obligation to provide a secure service as absolutely vital. Our solution conforms to industrial automation security requirements, guidelines and best practices, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

Maintaining Adaptability and Extensibility.

Concerto operates in an asset-agnostic environment that leverages open APIs for asset integration. This enables various DER asset types and tailors optimization needs to the specific value proposition in any geography. The platform is ADMS-ready, achieving the greatest value of DERs by managing and optimizing across a diverse asset portfolio and across multiple grid services.